Exclusive preview...

To have a preview of where is going the Zephram sound nowadays, listen to these 2 exclusive remixes:

Zephram in a few words...

Drawing inspiration from his inner and outer travellings, Zephram uses his beat machines to build a new dancefloor, one that reflects Montreal's hybridized society of tomorrow.


Zephram comes back from afar...   

From stranger, he became a brother. Brother of Ghanaians, Togolese, Brazilians, Indonesians. Brother of the Orishas, of shamans, of gri-gris. Brother of entities roaming in other levels of consciousness, who helped him find his way back.   

He came back, and all are coming back with him. Zephram is himself highly hybridized, reflecting tomorrow's Montreal.   

With his beat machines, he seeks the primordial rhythm etched in each and every one of us, beyond our appearances and our cultures. Rhythm as a land of gathering, where there is no more «other» and only a gigantic «we». A new «we», dancing to a unique sound, merging electronic music with the raw energy of rock and the essence of groove music. 

In 2016, he launched independently his first EP of instrumental dancefloor-oriented music, titles Kinetikos, under the moniker The AirMason. He then launched his second EP, this time under the name Zephram, titles Kybernetes, on which he sings in English, French and Portuguese. He is currently preparing his next EP.